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Jeff Meyer Headshot

Jeff Meyer has been a creative soul all of his life.

Since his childhood he was always drawing and/or painting. His artwork enabled Jeff to meet actress/singer Grace Jones when the diva saw several of his portraits of her. That was just the beginning...

While vacationing in Acapulco in the early 1980’s Jeff first saw Sergio Bustamante’s art. He instantly fell in love with the surrealistic sculptures that filled the gallery windows on the Costera. It was then that he started collecting Bustamante’ work - his first piece was a life sized two-headed ceramic cat. Years later, someone gave him another sculpture...IN PIECES. It was the beginning of a new career.

Through his extensive repair work to assorted Bustamante creations and because of his admiration for the artist, Jeff visited the artist’s home town of Tlaquepaque, Mexico. There Jeff met the world renowned Sergio and reviewed with him the quality and extent of the most impressive repairs Meyer skillfully completed. To gain a greater understanding of the artist’s personal techniques, Jeff has even worked with his staff at the artisan’s studio on several different occasions.

Today, he is one of the foremost authorities on Sergio Bustamante’s creative works of art; ceramic, mache, bronze, resin and fine jewelry.

Jeff is skilled at restoring ceramic and mache sculptures by a variety of artists. For a free estimate for a repair please go to the "contact" page of his website.