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Carlos Albert Rhino Bustamante Bright Sun Bustamante Lion
Bustamante Pumpkin Bustamante Ark Bustamante Standing Sun
Bustamante Fish Bustamante Giraffe Bustamante Winged Boy
Bustamante Chimp Bustamante Boy With Ball Pierson Prisoner of Love
Bustamante Elephant Head Parrot 2 St. Anthony

What is involved in restoring a piece of sculpture?

Before any work can begin Jeff Meyer assesses the integrity of the piece. When a ceramic or mache sculpture is broken, often times there is structural damage that is not visible to the untrained eye or in a photograph. Upon receipt, Jeff carefully inspects each piece to assess all the restoration work needed. In addition, broken pieces do not fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle; they need to be resculpted and filled in with special materials so the areas where these have been reconnected are flawless. Sometimes, an owner may not have all of the broken pieces and in those cases, Jeff has to create the missing parts. Afterwards, delicate sanding smooths out the seams before Jeff mixes his paints and glazes to blend the old finish in with the new. The result is always perfection. Take a look at these examples to see for yourself.